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Time to Get Strength Through Weakness !

“In my weakness you have been so strong.” – Decyfer Down ‘Scarecrow’

When is the last time as a man, you have admitted that you were weak?  No way why would you do that, that is not what men do, we just suck it up and move on… right?

Imagine a world where you come home from a hard day at work and can just give in to the urge to scream, yell, cry and pout with no judgment no embarrassment.  Guess what you can, no matter if you are married or single, you are never alone in the battle of being a man.  We have the opportunity everyday to start anew and unburden ourselves in the cross and claim the healing power that was promised by the way that holds us up when we are weak.

Abandon the macho persona for a moment, open your mind to open your heart and open a Bible.  In the words of our father there is everlasting life, forgiveness and understanding.  Regardless of what your friends, your bro’s say about it a man that is able to forgive himself enough to open the Word and dive in is more manly, mature and strong than anyone trying to make it through this life alone.

Open up the Book, put the armor of Christ on and you will feel a freedom and renewed energy that will enable you to lead your family, friends and community in ways you never could have dreamed of.  Put your hands up and give in to the healing power of the Word, quit fighting the war inside your heart.  Release the pride, draw the battle line, prepare for the rising tide, take the sword of faith up and stand strong.

“At some point, we all face a point in our lived when our shame is laid bare for all to see.  If we’re lucky, someone comes to our aid, shows us grace.” –  Jeff Goins ‘Wrecked’

Strength Through Weakness

In our moments of weakness we feel we must hide our shame and bury ourselves behind a manly facade.  We are afraid to show weakness even when we are breaking as we are the ones that are supposed to be leading and remain steadfast.  Lord forbid that we may appear weak as that will reflect upon our innate masculinity and we cannot allow that, what would our wives think of us?


They would think you were human, they would think you were in touch with your feelings, which by the way is not such a bad thing.  Imagine the world being turned upside down when your wife walks in and finds you reading your bible or on your knees humbled rather than being a couch potato watching SportsCenter or even worse. Imagine if your addiction to your phone was so you could read the latest YouVersion verse or post on Manup rather than ESPN scores and Facebook updates.

Humble yourself before the Lord, your wife, friends, neighbors and others, make your life about serving and you will become the man you think you are.  Be a symbol of the Gospel in your actions at work, on the road and even behind closed doors.  Become a Man of God that is strong when weak, powerful through the Word, and honorable in all things through your Lord and Savior.


As always I welcome your comments, treasure my readers, and believe in you and everything you do!

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Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.