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Touched by the Holy Spirit

As Christians we travel through life guided and touched by the Holy Spirit.

Or are we? We thrive in life through our flesh rather than being guided by the light. We profess that we believe, but do you?Touched by the Holy Spirit

Last weekend I spent getting my world shattered. I know I am broken, we all are to some extent. But when you have your brokenness laid out before you and are called to look it straight in the eye. How would you react?

Sure I read my Bible, go to Church, tithe and “act Christian.” As many do I wear the t-shirts, preach the gospel. But that is not enough. I might as well be a heathen.

I hide my sins, my pain and scars. Thinking that there is no way God would ever forgive a wretch like me. Holding onto years of anger and bitterness only drives the nails in deeper. Living in darkness becomes easy.

“Let’s ask ourselves: are we open to the Holy Spirit, do I pray to him to enlighten me,

to make me more sensitive to the things of God?” ~ Pope Francis

Knees bruising from the weight of by burdened soul. I knelt down for what seemed like forever. For the first time in my life, I felt home. Home among thousands, yet the Holy Spirit chose me to be the one. Touched by the light, His fire and spirit burned from inside me.

Crying like a small child, I asked for forgiveness. Relieve me from the pain of this darkness. Bring me from the darkness into the light. Overwhelmed, drowning in my own fears and emotions. I wept.

Tears of my past streamed down my face uncontrollably.  Confused and overwhelmed I was not sure what was happening. I needed to be alone, yet wanted to tell everyone. Tell them what I was not sure. Later that day I attempted to confide in someone I thought might understand, They scoffed and made a joke about what I was trying to comprehend. Withdrawing I felt more confused about what had happened, or did it.

Once again I was compelled to share my story. I spoke words I did not comprehend to my wife that night. She prayed over me in a way I had never seen or felt. Guiding me by her words that were the not her own. Controlled by the Holy Spirit she prophesied over me and shed a new light. My darkness lightened as my soul began to cleanse.

As a cradle Catholic, these kinds of experiences are not easy to comprehend. We don’t read about them in the scriptures or hear much in church. All I know is in the middle of thousands at the Eucharistic Congress this past weekend, a transformation began.

Now its your turn: I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences you have witnessed of the Holy Spirit in action. Share in the comments below that we may all learn.



About Charles Johnston

Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

5 Replies

  1. At our church we had a men’s meeting and we had a guest speaker.

    He asked everyone to repeat a prayer of rededication to God. I’d done this numerous times before and I assumed this time wouldn’t be any different from the last time.

    The other times I felt like nothing had happened.

    This time was VERY different. I felt overwhelmed with comfort. I felt warm inside. I felt reborn. In a weird way I felt bullet proof.

    I’d never felt this way in my life!!

    That same year on Christmas Eve I was baptized and that overwhelming feeling rushed through my body once again.

    I know for a fact it was the Holy Spirt filling my soul.

    1. Sound like an incredible couple of experiences you have had. I have been to other denomination services and felt compelled during the altar call. Never touched in the way I was this past weekend. It was more real than I could ever truly explain. Thanks for your ongoing support brother!

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. The last two weeks have been rough on my church. At first, there was a lot of anger and hurt, but now I can see the holy spirit moving and brining restoration to some things that were happening behind the scenes.

    1. I had read something the other day along those lines, where He will bring you down whether through health, financial or anger to show you His grace fully before he pulls you through it. Restoration is coming. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.