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What Great Wonders There Are For A Dreamer

We all have dreams burning deep within our souls. A Fire we smother with the plight of our daily lives. What great wonders there are for the dreamer that can dream their dream and make it come alive.

What Great Wonders There Are For A Dreamer

Someone else will do it, we say.

What if you were that someone today?

A couple of years ago I started participating in my life more fully. I stumbled across a group of dreamers on Facebook of all places. These dreamers were full of all kinds of creative ideas and fantasies, or so I thought. As I have said many times, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

This usually includes people you call friends but never met in real life, right?.

Last summer, after graduating college and feeling lost in my cloud of dreams, I somehow convinced my wife to travel to Franklin, Tennessee to spend the weekend with a bunch of online strangers. A bit apprehensive, she agreed to attend this conference of dreamers called Launch Out. It was an opportunity to put faces to the names of the dreamers, or perhaps end up in a cult, or some sort of kidnapping or massacre, we were not sure.

We spent a few days with dozens of people from all over the country that had one thing in common. They were dreamers. They were budding entrepreneurs; others were writers, coffee beans roasters, or popsicle makers. They were people of passion that shared their dreams. Some traveled the world helping orphans while others gathered neighbors around handmade tables.

They were a diverse group of individuals, building their dreams, dreamers encouraging others to chase their dreams, it was weird.

We left that weekend changed in ways I could never have imagined or prepared. Over the next few months, we would find ourselves traveling to Haiti, not once but twice and are making plans for the third time. I wrote a book that unraveled the tightly wound fibers of my past. We have been continually stretched and challenged in ways we couldn’t have dreamed of before attending. We would have never been open to without taking that leap of faith.

A jump to launch ideas buried within our souls dreams that God has slowly shown to us in ways that have been beautiful in their creativity.

If you ever wanted to dream a little bigger, step outside your comfort zone a bit farther. There is a group of dreamers I know that will push you where you want to go. We will be gathering again soon, to share our dreams and reach for the moon. Perhaps it is your time to act somewhat crazy. To travel somewhere unknown to hang out with a bunch of Internet dreamers. Dreamers you don’t know now but will welcome you in as if you were home.

I invite you to challenge your status quo. You never know how the world needs your hustle. I was an introvert that kept to myself. I now share His love in a third world country, will soon share my story for all to read, and  in the process of starting a new hustle company. None of this would have been possible if I was not silent enough to listen, and humble enough to let Him lead.

Have you ever taken a risk and went to an event that changed your life? I would love to hear about it; please share your story in the comments below.

About Charles Johnston

Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

9 Replies

  1. Candace Crosby

    As a rose whose petals slowly unfold showing the beauty, color, and luster that lies deep within, so are you beginning to blossom. Our God is an AWESOME GOD, and I thank him for the opportunity to watch this transformation which is ultimately leading to a transfiguration, as Jesus continues to shine through you. We patiently await the opportunity to read your novel.

    1. Thanks Candace.. these kinds of transformations take time. All in His time not mine. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hey, I was there. Everything you say is so true. This event was life changing and was so worth the 14 hour drive. Glad I got to meet you in 3-D!

    1. Ha you were the first familiar face in a sea of Internet strangers. It was definitely an adventure and worth all the anxiety to meet people like you IRL..

  3. Launch Out was a life changer for me too, both of them! great post.

    1. Thanks Kelsey, little did I know what kind of change LO2015 would bring. Having an emcees like you and Jerrod made it that much better. Cannot wait for LO2016.

  4. This sums it up beautifully!
    “They were a diverse group of individuals, building their dreams, dreamers encouraging others to chase their dreams, it was weird.”

    1. It was fantastically weird! Cannot wait to do it again. Thanks for reading and commenting Laura!