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What it means to have All Authority.

People that read the bible, whether daily or just occasionally start to become familiar with certain verses. Verses shared from the pulpit as well as your Instagram feed. These verses detail of Jesus’ and his reign over the earth.

all authorityEver want a better understanding of the power behind the verses? Joey Shaw is the international field office director at Austin Stone Community Church in Texas. In his recently released book, All Authority he takes the reader on a journey. A journey that explores scripture in ways only someone living in servitude to God could lead us on.

Does Jesus have all authority?

Not a typical question to ask perhaps, but does he? Sure we know he is the King of kings, the Christ, our Savior, but under what authority?

These are the types of questions we must ask ourselves if we want a true understanding of our relationship with Jesus. This is a strength is not an iron fist beat you over the head kind of way. But yet, an authority that holds himself above all through his undying love for each one of us.

Everybody who follows Jesus will encounter a myriad of “authorities” that directly challenge the authority of Christ. These other “authorities” may be parents, teachers, bosses, presidents, institutions, religions, or ideologies. In order to stay firm in devotion to Jesus, we must believe that He has supreme authority over all. Not partial authority, not most authority—all authority.

Jesus commissioned his people to go and make disciples of the world. This commission is still as relevant today as it was two thousand years ago. But under who’s authority? Better yet what promise do we have to go out and make disciples? We were promised eternity with him. Our churches all preach the same message of hope, ‘Jesus is Lord’, and it is good news.

The theology provided by Joey Shaw in his book All Authority is not for the faint of heart.

There is hope, sorrow and more that will tug at your heart. You will find many explanations to the scriptures that we have heard on Sunday mornings but rarely interpreted in such a way.  I would suggest that you use this book as a companion to your Bible study. Whether individually or as a group, it upholds the great commission in ways you never imagined.

I was graciously provided a copy of the book by B&H Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The book may have been free, but the thoughts and opinions are all mine. Therefore, I am going to bless one reader with the same book for you to enjoy. I will pick a random entry from the entries below.

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What do you believe? Do you think Jesus has all authority? Join in the conversation, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Candace Crosby

    Tried leaving a Blog comment above, but it would not let me. I read the Magnificat daily, and a study book on St Matthew. Am not currently into reading any other books at this point, but, YES, Jesus has all authority, given to him by GOD, His Father. And one day we will reign with Him in Heaven. Any rewards or crowns we may have earned here on earth, we will cast back to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!