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Dishonor, A story of Hope and Redemption 

Some of the best stories that have the most impact come from the heart. A place of vulnerability that allows the reader to connect with the story. Such is the case with the book Dishonor: One Soldier’s Journey from Desertion to Redemption by David Mike.

David takes his readers on a journey of epic proportions.

Imagine you are young, everything going for you. Joining the military had been a lifelong dream of yours. Like many people you make a couple of bad choices. Decided temptations were worthy of their rewards. Instead of being a clean cut soldier you had dreamed of, it all collapses around you.

When you should have had your boots on the ground with your brother in arms, you end up behind bars.

Shame over pride overtakes David as he fights to get out. Not only out of jail but out of the military. He wanted out on his terms rather than run the risk of smearing his dad’s name, much less his by…gulp… being dishonorably discharged. Through all of this, David was still able to find Christ with him behind the prison bars, amidst his shame.

David Mike swore allegiance to his country in 1987, only to be dishonorably discharged for desertion. One bad choice after another landed him at Fort Leavenworth, a notorious military prison in Kansas, where he starts a new life as an inmate. Follow his journey as he claws his way toward Christ and away from the past that yearns to destroy him. Dishonor: One Soldier’s Journey from Desertion to Redemption is a vulnerable and compelling look at a life gone wrong. With stark honesty, David gives insights into prison life and the shame that comes with living a dishonorable life. Through his raw, gritty, personal account, he pleads for you to find the same redemption he found in his life.

I have personally been following David’story that originated on his blog Dilemmamike for quite some time. Each week he took us on a path from utter humiliation as an inmate to his redemption and becoming a believer.

His past was haunting him along the way as the devil stood on his back as he fought for his freedom.Dishonor, Hope, redemption

Not only freedom from prison but his ultimate freedom in Christ. When David decided to convert his blog into this book, I could not wait to get a copy
and read it in its entirety. Dishonor is one of those books that you will want to share. So be sure to pick up a copy for yourself and your friends.

Although I may be burdened with regrets of the past, I still have hope for the future.

Dishonor is a book that provides hope. Hope for redemption. Hope in knowing that no matter how hard you have fallen there is a way back.

No matter the shame, the guilt no matter what you have done there is still hope.

David’s prayer is that his newly released book Dishonor will reach the hands of those that most need it. His dream is that it is found behind the walls of prisons around the country. Perhaps then his story will provide the necessary hope for prisoners to hang on press into the Lord. Redemption and forgiveness are where we all can find the hope in Christ as he did.

Dishonor is a book of second chances.

One that is bound to change lives in those who not only read it. But also those who share it with others that are in search of forgiveness.

david mikeDavid Mike is a Christ-follower, husband, father, author, blogger, and cosmetology instructor in Omaha, Nebraska. David is passionate about sharing the message that we do not have to be defined by our past and that God can use our kind of mess for good. Dishonor is his first book which releases August 30th, 2016.


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  1. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! I really appreciate it.

    1. It is my honor brother. Look forward to the exciting things your story will do.

  2. Candace Crosby

    We all know of someone like Mike. Thankfully, he came to know the Lord Jesus and hung on for dear life. The blog looks intriguing and worth googling to order a copy of the book. We will be praying for Mike’s strength and stamina to continue through all of life’s struggles.