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God’s Will is Bigger than Our Plan

Our life journey, no matter how we may plan, it is God’s will.

God's Plan with Clifford

For those that have been following and praying for us while we have been in Haiti, Thank you!

We went to church in Canaan, Haiti, held in the School of Love. There is very little as beautiful as the voices of men, women and children praising our Lord and Savior. Combine that with a building built out of love on a mountain in Canaan, Haiti; words just cannot describe.

Rick the founder of was invited by the pastor to provide the sermon. He spoke of faith and the story of 1 Kings 18.

After service, we spent time loving on the church family of Canaan. Those children that we sponsored, as well as some sponsored by people back in the states, were given small gifts that we had brought with us.

We then headed back into town. Originally we had planned on stopping by the hospital where the orphans we had met on previous trips. Not only that hospital but all the public hospitals in Haiti we were told were closed due to a strike. So the orphans had been moved to an undisclosed private home for care.

A bit disappointed, yet relief at the same time. Disappointed that we would not be able to love on them as planned. Relief that they were no longer there and were taken care of.

We headed to another orphanage that one of the guys was familiar with. This orphanage currently housed forty-two children. Of the children, they were mostly boys and no babies. Being able to love on kids is something I never thought I would understand.

I ended up being the tree that the children wanted to climb. All because I picked one up, they all wanted a part. I enjoyed loving on the children as much if not more than they did.

God's Plan at Mango Orphanage

We then headed up to a restaurant that served all kinds of cuisine. Being that I was unsure of what I wanted, I hedged my bets and ordered four meals to try. The funny thing was if I had stopped with the first one I ordered I would have been okay.

Afterwards, we headed back to the mission house for the evening. It was a long day. A day where things did not necessarily go as we had planned. Even so it was a day where we were able to witness God’s plan in motion.

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Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

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  1. Candace Crosby

    It is great to be able to share such an intimate part of your life, and watch your whole demeanor change. God blesses us with children, no matter whose they are, and we draw energy and encouragement from them. Your picture speaks a thousand words ~ thank you for sharing!

    God is moving mountains in you and in Haiti!