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VBS at Heart of Love School, Haiti

We spent the bulk of the day doing VBS at the Heart of Love School

Heart of love school

Our morning started out in a little traffic again. Prayers were answered this morning as we did not encounter near as much as yesterday.

When we arrived at the school there were easily one hundred fifty to two hundred waiting for us. We were serenaded upon entering the school. Beautiful voices praising into the mountain tops.

After brief introduction we performed the story of the Good Samaritan for the children. The laughter was almost as heartwarming as their singing.

Once we were done making fools of ourselves we split the children into two groups. One group stayed in the school to work on crafts geared towards loving their neighbor. The other group, which I helped with went outside to play games with the children.

It was fun playing games I have either never played, had not played since I was a child, or watched others play. Games like egg and spoon relays, over under and one that well ended up a mix between futbol, dodge ball, and hot potato.

Once we were done playing games with the first group, we switched. It was so hot, the children were tired and a bit anxious.

The second group was a bit hard to manage mainly because the children had their crafts to contend with.

We then sent the last group back in and shared cookies and Gatorade with all the children and the parents that were there.

There is nothing better than be able to love on kids that want nothing more than that. We got to spend some time with the little boy that we personally sponsor through Not only was able to love on my sponsor child, but also his brothers and friends.

We then headed back through the traffic to the mission house to rest a bit before dinner. Once we got back to the house a few of us went to the local store.

Local shopping is a bit different from in the US. The people at the store want to help you not only check out but will also follow you to make sure you get everything you need. There also is perhaps some more obvious security available as well.

After dinner the team split up in the house. Some went upstairs to the common area and debriefed and relaxed from the day. Others pitched in to help another team that was sharing the mission house bag rice and beans.

Everyone is blessed with their God-given gifts. Mine happened to come in use as I helped prepare an old laptop for the other team that they were giving to a college student here in Haiti. I guess no matter where I go my IT services come in handy.

While working on the laptop I had the pleasure of speaking to a couple of members of the other team. They shared their hearts on the nonprofits and businesses they were forming back in their hometown. They happen to be from Jacksonville as well. We exchanged contact information in the case that I may be able to assist in their website design after we return.

It is funny that we traveled to another country to find people from our own city. It is beautiful to see people from different walks of life, different stories join together to serve as God has called us to do.

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Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

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  1. Candace Crosby

    This trip sounds almost like a vacation. Granted you were there to work, but you experienced the love and companionship while playing games and getting some exercise. The meal preparations were just as important, as it is evident God’s hand was there bringing His people together. To live on such a big, beautiful planet, it truly is a small world in that you meet people from the same city in which you live. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the opportunity to come together and minister to your people!