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How to leave your worries at the comfort cross.

How to leave your worries at the comfort cross. We all need a reminder at times to be more prayerful.  Many of us spend our days worrying, when we can leave our worries at the comfort cross. Recently I came across a creative person with an Etsy shop. I have seen Etsy shops, even have the app on my phone. Yet there was always hesitancy to invest in others dreams. I found one item that really was creative and thoughtfully made.The Comfort Cross by Perfectly Loved Creations was that one that caught my eye. After several conversations with the artist who was more than patient with me. I decided to take a gamble and place an order of crosses as gifts. I ordered four crosses in total. One for my father-in-laws upcoming baptism. One for my mother-in-laws birthday. One for my bride and even one for myself. Each cross was detailed with their individual colors and scriptures. Even with all the details, I was still a bit nervous. When I received the crosses as promised and on time. I could not wait to open them, I had to be discrete as three of them were the gifts. They were beautiful, each with a handwritten note from their creator. Each piece that I had made was not only crafted with love, but prayed over for the person receiving it. Sharing God’s love through handmade, customized comfort crosses. Click To Tweet I gave my wife hers on Easter, that way I could openly use my own as well. A couple of days […]

A Dog Toy Worth Its Bite (Review)

For dog owners, more specifically for large dog owners, a good dog toy is hard to find. There is an ongoing challenge in finding a dog toy tough enough toy for your dog to play with. Many companies tout that their toys are ‘indestructible’ or ‘heavy duty’. Some even provide a ‘limited’ lifetime warranty. Anyone that has owns a bigger dog knows that well most just are biting off more than they can chew. I have had and currently have a strong chewer. Meaning no little stuffed toys with squeakers or tennis balls will do. The only toys she is allowed to play with, used to be the black KONG Extreme Dog Toy. Then she figured out how to destroy those too. We have spent hundreds of dollars in toys only for them to get thrown out in days. We have a box (a large box) of toys that our non chewer can play with. And we have others like hard plastic toys and tires that I am not sure what the maker was thinking. If our chewer does not destroy the toys, she will bust her gums up trying. One day we were at their weekly puppy playtime at Happy Hound Dog Resort. I noticed that our chewer was going to town on this bright-colored ball. She spent several minutes trying to destroy it to no avail. I spoke with the owner of Happy Hound to find out what kind of toy it was. He gave me the info and I ordered some on […]

Christmas is Love in Action

Another Christmas is upon us. We have scurried about getting those last-minute gifts. We anxiously await those presents to be opened. Through it all, the crowds and the traffic, we made it so Christmas would be perfect. Guess what… it won’t be.. we are all a mess. This day is not about the gifts all wrapped with pretty red and green bows. The perfect Christmas happened over two thousand years ago. Ever since we have been missing its purpose. God gave us His ONLY Son to save our souls. Yet every year as we celebrate His birth we sell the very souls he came to save. If there is no Christmas in your heart there is no Christmas under the tree. Click To Tweet We spend money on things we don’t need and for what… to be the star of the show? Lavish gifts that sparkle and shine, we buy the latest fad just to be cool. Spending money, time and anxiety to find that perfect gift. Only to have it opened in seconds, a few oohs an awes and then set aside. This is not what Christmas is all about. We should take this time to seek forgiveness and healing. While others share the store-bought glitter, why not share from the heart what matters. Many families will be celebrating this day.. celebrating alone and lonely with regret and pain. That family member or friend that you have not talked to in a while. Why not call them on Christmas, a little sign you care. […]