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We Are Orphans No More

  When you hear the name ‘father’ or ‘papa’ or even ‘dad’ what kind of emotion does that stir inside you?  Many men in the world today do not have the feelings one would expect.  Rather than having happiness and fulfillment and attitudes of success men see that term as an empty label. There are many of us that feel like we were orphans and therefore the idea of a father inflames feelings of hurt. These orphans may have not been such in the true sense of the word, meaning that they had someone who called themselves ‘dad’ but were not there emotionally.  Many men grow up with no role model or father figure to call on.  These men develop resentment and anger that many are unaware of towards authority figures as they had none to look up to. There are men, such as myself that also are true orphans where they were given up either at birth or any time during their childhood where they were deserted by the people who were supposed to be there for them.  This abandonment can cause mixed feelings of hurt, confusion and anger that can sometimes last a lifetime.

5 Steps in Achieving Your Dreams

Ever over hear someone sharing their dream just to have someone else snuff it out before it even gets started? This happened to me and it got me to thinking, what would I do if someone stole my thunder and rained on my parade before the floats and balloons made it to the street.  I overheard a conversation between someone who I greatly respect and consider a mentor and a complete stranger.  She was pleading her case and what caught my attention was when she said “it just takes one spark, I am not sure why everyone is so quick to snuff it out.” Songs have been sung, books written, movies produced, even in my own city there is a now annual event 

Comparing Yourself to Others Limits Success

Keeping up with the Joneses will wear you out and eventually leave you empty. With the advantage of the internet and accessibility to others like never before we tend to want to ‘be like Mike’ a bit more than in years past. We read success story after success story many of which are rags to riches stories we begin comparing our success to theirs. Ever get one of those Facebook messages or LinkedIn InMail where someone tells you how great they think you are doing, but then by the end  are trying to sell you on being someone else.