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Comparing Yourself to Others Limits Success


Keeping up with the Joneses will wear you out and eventually leave you empty.

With the advantage of the internet and accessibility to others like never before we tend to want to ‘be like Mike’ a bit more than in years past.

We read success story after success story many of which are rags to riches stories we begin comparing our success to theirs.

Ever get one of those Facebook messages or LinkedIn InMail where someone tells you how great they think you are doing, but then by the end  are trying to sell you on being someone else.  Not only have they accomplished turning you off from whatever product or service they are selling they also have insulted you and caused you to think less of yourself.

We spend a great amount of time looking into the reflection of our computer screens rather than in the mirror.

We allow the opinions and success of others determine where we are currently at in our journey.  Many times this can cause us to become stagnant or even turn off our dreams because of someone else’s opinion


It is great to recognize and appreciate the success and value others bring as long as you do not allow it to derail you.  This may take some time and inner reflection to accept that your dream is worthwhile.  Recognizing that you are bigger than the unworthy emotions you feel as you read the invite into someone else’s dream.

You may feel insignificant when comparing to those that you follow, but we must focus on why we got started in the first place.  Just because someone has thousands of followers and is quoted regularly as an expert does not diminish your value.  You are unique and will continue to grow as you strive towards your own dream rather than one that has been given to you.

Someone else’s success does not determine your level of success or self-worth.

We are all at different levels or stages in this game; we are destined for our own success at our own pace.  By silencing the voices of our critics (especially that one in your head) we can find our own dream and level of achievement.

Rather than thinking “well so and so is making it’ or ‘I wish I had the impact they did’ or ‘they must be loving life’ or whatever self-defeating thoughts you are having.  If you can focus on the positives and use the mantra that Justin Zoradi suggests:

“They have their story and I have mine. They have their story and I have mine. They have their story…”

Before you know it their story will become like crickets in the background as you strive and reach your dream.  You will be raising your own bar of expectation and in turn will be delivering and providing more to others.  Next thing you know you might become the bar that someone else is trying to measure up to.

Keep your dream close to your heart, keep your passion within your sights and you will become as much of a success as you ever dreamed you could be.  Leave the comparing and chasing someone else’s dream to those that have not yet quite found theirs.

Take a moment, think of those that have been your critics along your journey that have tried to derail you by comparing their success to yours.  Without naming names tell your story in the comments below and then leave it there and move on towards your dreams.



About Charles Johnston

Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

2 Replies

  1. David Mike

    The Joneses are worse off than we are. I’d rather be like Mike. (It’s my last name) Contentment is a hard choice but has more positive, lasting results than envy.

    1. cjohnstonjax

      So true .. guess everyone should want to be like Mr. Mike then hmm.. Contentment is difficult but eternally satisfying.