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Four Parts of Leadership and the Games We Play

As men we have been given the task at birth to be great leaders of our time.

Granted that sounds pretty daunting but in a manner of speaking it is true.  As men we are molded from a young age to have proper leadership skills to take through life.  Do you really think G.I. Joes, the game Clue, Magic 8-balls, Lego’s, Lincoln Logs and Monopoly had no bearing on the type of person you would become?

All of these things as well as cub scouts, boy scouts, summer camps, team sports continued to mold our adolescence into our years as men and as leaders.  Using knot tying skills and archery to provide the foundation to decision-making and goal driven leadership.

There are four components that make up LEAD in leadership, all of which are vital to success as a leader.

Leadership – take ownership and lead both in our homes, at our church and within the community including at our workplace leadershipexemplifying the moral character of leaders of past.  Take lessons from the likes of John Wayne or Charlton Heston as to what a man should be.  Lead with integrity, passion and raw courage every day of our lives. Use the skills of developed in reading Marvel and D.C. Comics, there was always a hero that lead .

Evaluate always be prepared to take a step back and evaluate, reorganize and re-engage.  As men we are generally thinkers (not the cavemen that others think we are) and we tend to grunt in reply as to not disturb our great thoughts.  We evaluate and re-evaluate our approach to ensure the safety and happiness of others.  In doing so we may be considered rude or non-responsive when in fact we are deliberate in our thinking process in order to take formidable action. Why do you think it could take hours to play a game of Monopoly or Chess as a kid, it was all strategy and evaluation.

Align – things will get out of whack, that is part of life.  As a man it is our responsibility to straighten things out and always find the desire to fix things.  We are constantly aligning our lives as well as our LegoLeadertrucks tires to ensure a safe ride.  We try to mend things with Duct Tape, or loosen them with WD-40 and at times use a hammer when a hug may be what is needed.  Our constant adjustment of the sails ensures safe travel as we captain (lead) through the rough seas of life.  Think back to when you tried to get Lego’s to snap together but they were out of alignment.

Develop –  – this could not be better said as it is proven over and over that those that read make great leaders.  Always engage in self-improvement, business, leadership readings, there is a magnitude of information we can utilize and avoid recreating the wheel.  Seriously you think the summer reading lists we had in school were just to give us something to do rather than have fun.  They provided the foundation of becoming a good reader and leader.

If we continue to practice the games we used to play as children and utilize the lessons we learned, being a leader should come easily.  This does not give your permission to behave as a child and dwell in your man-cave rather than spending time leading, but it is okay to escape once and awhile and relive your childhood games.

Question: What  game as a child would you attribute to being more of a development tool than just a game?

About Charles Johnston

Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

6 Replies

  1. Tonia Hurst

    Nice piece Charles. I like your model for LEAD and your examples. Enjoyed this.

    1. cjohnstonjax

      Thank you Tonia, glad you enjoyed it, can never have too a many creative models to develop and follow. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Dale L

    This is very inspiring and I’m so glad to see you helping men lead in their families and the world. I like the saying this way, Leaders are readers and readers are leaders. We all lead others in many ways so these great ideas help everyone.

    1. cjohnstonjax

      Thanks Dale, just doing my part to maybe provide food for thought and continue to lead as I serve. Thank you for your comments they are most appreciated.

  3. bevel

    Great article and it was really cool how you compared the activities of a youth as the building blocks for acquiring leadership skills.

    1. cjohnstonjax

      Thanks for your feedback, glad you enjoyed it. I think there are many ways that toys can be transferred into leadership development.