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Two Finger Salute, that’s what we have come to?

On the way to work this morning I got the Two Finger Salute from the guy behind me. Guess I earned a double. My commute in the mornings usually consist of several speed zones. I start in a 40 MPH , then a 30, then down to 15 and back up to 30. So not a high speed trip by any means. Most days people zip right through the 15 MPH zone  like it was a 30 or 40. Myself included. It’s not a school zone, just a neighborhood street that the city deemed necessary to lower the limit. Several times I have even seen an older man standing outside his house in thr mornings recording every speeder that goes by with his phone. This morning I woke up with a headache. I could not get myself going for anything. As I drove into the 15 mile an hour zone, there was a city bus a few blocks ahead of me, and a traffic light turning yellow. I was in no rush as the light would be red before I got to it. Behind me was a little grey Honda Civic (I think). Slowing for the upcoming light I apparently made the driver behind me a bit anxious. This street is one of those where parking is on both sides of the road for the residents. At times the road narrows for only one car to pass through at a time. Slowly I move forward as the light turned green. The same bus, that had […]

How to Get Authentic Sponsorship

Being able to get authentic sponsorship matters. Lack of authenticity can disrupt your message.

As a blogger, writer, marketer or anyone in business, authenticity matters. Many of us get so focused on trying to get our message out to the masses we forget our roots. Getting wrapped up in seeing what other people are doing and trying to copy them rather than separate from them. As an imitation you will be seen right through by your readers or clients. In turn the lack of authenticity will devalue your business and gather more moss than trust.

Recently I was sucked into the vacuum of trying to improve my own blog by reaching out to a couple of companies to inquire about sponsorship. First pitches that I have sent out since I have been blogging of any real substance, I was excited. The first company, has well yet to respond, not even a auto-responding email, just crickets. The second company responding pretty quickly stating they were forwarding the request to their marketing department for review. Excitement right?

A few days passed and I received a follow-up email from their marketing team. Pretty standard, “we appreciate your interest, we are not going to pursue sponsorship at this time.” However they offered to send samples of their brand for me to try. I thought to myself, well it is at least a win, I mean I get samples to try for free right? I humbly accepted my defeat and gave them my address for my samples to be sent.

When will Freedom Ring Again?

I, like many of you are confused by the state of our country as we prepare to celebrate our freedom. In less than a month Old Glory seems to have begun tearing at the seams. Black churches are burning, shootings on our homeland are taking more lives than war, and decisions are being made with reckless abandon.

After spending a week on vacation, rarely watching or reading the news, my heart weeps. People on social media have taken sides, sides many probably don’t understand. The White House declared victory with a light show of pride. Will their pride still show and light up with red, white and blue on the 4th of July? Friends turn against friends as they change their images colors to rainbows. Division and pain continue to create a chasm within our nation.
I am not taking sides in all of these disputes and you will not read my opinion here.

However I would like to share some thoughts on our freedom and what it should mean.

Our forefathers and grandfathers maybe even husbands, sons or fathers fought to protect our country. Dating back to when we stood against our motherland and separated from England. Our country has stood on principles, faith and values.

Over the past three hundred years or so, even before the colors of the flag had dried, our country has been divided. In the 1800’s the north battles the south. In that war it was not a war of black against white, it was more right versus wrong.