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Two Finger Salute, that’s what we have come to?

On the way to work this morning I got the Two Finger Salute from the guy behind me. Guess I earned a double.

Two Finger Salute, mad driver, salute

My commute in the mornings usually consist of several speed zones. I start in a 40 MPH , then a 30, then down to 15 and back up to 30. So not a high speed trip by any means.

Most days people zip right through the 15 MPH zone  like it was a 30 or 40. Myself included. It’s not a school zone, just a neighborhood street that the city deemed necessary to lower the limit.

Several times I have even seen an older man standing outside his house in thr mornings recording every speeder that goes by with his phone.

This morning I woke up with a headache. I could not get myself going for anything.

As I drove into the 15 mile an hour zone, there was a city bus a few blocks ahead of me, and a traffic light turning yellow.

I was in no rush as the light would be red before I got to it.

Behind me was a little grey Honda Civic (I think). Slowing for the upcoming light I apparently made the driver behind me a bit anxious.

This street is one of those where parking is on both sides of the road for the residents. At times the road narrows for only one car to pass through at a time.

Slowly I move forward as the light turned green. The same bus, that had made it through the light was still ahead of me.

My slow acceleration infuriated the driver of the Honda as he threw up his hands. I simply pointed out the posted 15 MPH sign and kept going.

We had a chance to pass the bus as it stopped to pick up more passengers.

Another red light,  I slowed as pedestrians crossed the street.

By this point the Honda driver was jumping out of his skin.

As we continued out of the 15 zone back into the 30, he tried to pass me on a double line. Casually I moved over due to parked cars on the side of the road. He swerved back behind me since he could not pass.

Happening to look in my rear view mirror,  I saw the driver giving me a two finger salute.

It has been awhile since someone flipped me the bird, much less two.

We proceeded on, and they followed we all the way until I turned into my work. I hope the rest of their day goes better. Maybe my driving slow prevented him from being such a jerk to someone else.

Our paths may cross again along my commute. Many times I see the same drivers on my route.

Perhaps next time he won’t be in such a hurry or even be such a jerk.

Drive safe out there, you never know who is around you. Do you have a story of a road rage jerk giving you a Salute? I would love to hear, share below in the comments.

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Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

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  1. Candace Crosby

    Luckily you kept your cool ~ I also start on city streets (neighborhoods), merge onto an expressway, then interstate, and the traffic is bizarre. I am amazed at the risk takers who weave in and out to get one car ahead. Inevitably they pull back around you and have to brake, which slows you down even more, but it gets to a point you know what to expect. Being that my profession is insurance, I have seen plenty of accidents (several being fatal), and mostly try to bless the people that whip around me muttering or cursing and swearing. Of course, it took me several years to get to that point, but who knows, maybe they have to get to the hospital to see a loved one, or are racing home to some unforeseen tradgedy. Regardless, we all need to slow down a bit. Life is truly too short.