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Hacksaw Ridge, A Gripping Hero’s Tale of Courage  

WWII is a war that was full of heroes that fought bravely for our country. One such hero is Desmond Doss, who fought defending our country and his beliefs without firing a shot.

Mel Gibson’s latest film directive Hacksaw Ridge is the gripping true story of an unsung hero of the war. Desmond Doss was declared to be a conscientious objector as he, by abiding by his faith refused to touch a gun on the pretext of it making him a murderer or leading him in the direction of such a terrible and mortal sin.

Shame, court marshal and regular beatings by his fellow soldiers could not make him waver. Insistent on serving as others had before him, he fought his way to the battlefield.

As a medic on the field, he could do God’s will by saving lives rather than taking them. Against the will of the United States Army, Doss was granted the opportunity to serve his country as his right to serve as well as to object both are given by the Constitution.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. For I am with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Even with God’s grace, the feats that follow are at the very least a miracle. Desmond and his fellow soldiers took to battle against an unbeatable force of the Japanese. Many of his comrades died on the field that day, as they retreated outmatched, Desmond stayed behind on the ridge.

Wounded soldier after wounded soldier was taken off that Ridge that day. One by one dragged to safety by none other than the coward, Desmond Doss, they had previously beaten and tried to leave behind. Desmond’s courage and strength could only be attributed to his ongoing prayer up on that Ridge.

Hacksaw Ridge hits theaters on November 4th.  It is not often that secular movies leave a hopeful spirit in your heart and encouragement that heroes do exist, by the grace of God that they serve.

Desmond was a Seventh Day Adventist,  the son of an alcoholic, and all around American hero. He saved the lives of dozens of men on the ridge of hacksaw ridgeHacksaw, and in turn showed courage, faith, and determination unmatched by any man on the field of battle.

A feat that he could only attribute to his faith in God and willingness to honor his call, although he never heard the call aloud and many thought him to be crazy. Many a Christian have done the same, while others believe that we are strange. God calls us to stand up for Him as Desmond did if only we slow ourselves down enough to listen.

A friend of mine, Jody Burkeen was asked to write a devotional to go along with the movie Hacksaw Ridge. Jody is the founder of Man Up God’s Way Ministry. He humbly wrote the devotional and is making it readily available to everyone at Hacksaw Resources along with many other resources for veterans, and their families.

Mel Gibson’s hiatus from the movie world hopefully has ended if he can put together riveting must-see films such as this one. According to the Relevant Magazine, both he and Andrew Garfield (Desmond Doss) “came face to face with their views on God.” As hopefully many others will after experiencing this masterpiece.

Hacksaw Ridge opens in theaters everywhere. It has already received standing ovations, applauded by veterans and fans alike. In such a pivotal time in our country, movies like this one exemplify the moral courage we all strive to have.


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  1. Thanks for this review – a wonderful example of connecting spirituality and popular culture. Blessings.

  2. Can’t wait to see this! Didn’t know it was a Mel Gibson film. Awesome!

  3. This looks incredible. Mel Gibson is doing some great work despite being blackballed for his mistakes.