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Sex, Politics and Religion..(Now that I have your attention)

Growing up there were three main taboo topic for discussion. Sex, Politics and Religion were topics you just did not discuss. Well with the exception of when the family got together for dinner, religion and politics always was a debate.

Sex, Politics and Religion..(Now that I have your attention)

As we wind down the political discourse of our current election year, these three subjects are topic rather than taboo. Our Facebook feeds and virtually every headline reads how one candidate said or did something that the other candidate is somehow appalled by.

Religious leaders, and even religion as a whole has been attacked. How can an “evangelical support so and so and so on”.

Chauvinism, lies, affairs and sexually aggressive behavior have been exposed. True character of both parties have made it above the fold of our daily feed for our consumption.

No longer do either party represent their constituents . Some voters blindly follow party lines while others are running for the hills or Canada.

Sex, Politics and Religion sell headlines but should not control the White House.

Our founding fathers would be appalled by our behavior. No longer do candidates represent what is right and true about America. We have fallen for the rouse of reality TV. Nominating those that provide entertainment and shock value rather than leadership.

Everyone has the right to vote. That does not mean everyone should.

We have other constitutional rights we are given that just as easily could be taken away. If you are a felon, you lose the right to own a gun. You also lose the right to vote. Perhaps we should take away that right if you do not know what you are voting for as well?

As a man, the shenanigans of this election are an embarrassment. Being a Christian, they create a moral dilemma no matter which candidate you align youself with when you vote. Finally as a husband, both candidates have shameful skeletons in their closets full of lies and deceit.

I don’t know about you, but I do not want either as role models for my country.

As a American , I will respect the office of the President, whomever occupies the seat for the next four years. That does not mean that I will like them. Nor give them carte blanche when they cannot even send a secure email.

I believe that certain subjects should remain taboo. Sex, Politics and Religion should not fill our headlines or be reason to be hateful to one another.

After November’s election,  we will still be America the beautiful, no matter which scoundrel, deplorable, or redneck we vote in.

Vote with your conscience this November . No matter who you vote for, I won’t judge or defriend you over your right to choose.

God bless America!

See you at the polls!

About Charles Johnston

Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

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  1. Candace Crosby

    A well written article – our country has reduced itself to a Hollywood mentality and our citizens have been programmed to believe anything and everything that is on TV. This election has been reduced to a mockery of everything the United States of America was founded upon. May God bless us and continue to hold us in the palm of His hand.