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Dreams Fail when we Procrastinate


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Dreams fail when we procrastinate and wait for the right time to come to decide.

Failed again, yep that’s right that really good deal that would change everything, well you missed it.  Dragged my feet thinking I would do it tomorrow, yet tomorrow is here and the deal is gone. As dreamer I think the saying goes “if you build they will come“, not just because you thought about it will it happen.

As a blogger (whoa! still a little new to me) and an aspiring writer, there are deals that come our way everyday.  Once we sign up for someone’s newsletter we get the sales pitch many times too.  There is nothing wrong with this, actually I wholeheartedly support the entrepreneurial writer that wants to fund their dream.  Every once and awhile there are offers that arrive in our inbox that just cannot be missed.

Those are the offers that inevitably will crush my dreams, as I am a procrastinator.

If it can be put off until tomorrow, I am pretty sure it can wait until next week.  Just ask most guys how their honey-do-list is coming along, they will agree.  Sometimes this procrastination will turn into missed opportunities some of which you will kick yourself in the proverbial pants for weeks to come over.

Sadly, I must confess my pants are pretty worn out as of late, two back to back opportunities and I chose to procrastinate.

You see as a blogger, writer, author whatever the title, there are many people who are in your field that have lessons learned and would like to share.  These can range from e books, podcast, training programs, how to guides to make following your dreams easier or even blog templates.  Whatever the opportunity is, we are best to review them, take it to heart, get feedback from others, at least make a decision.  No matter if we choose yes or no at least make a choice not to just let it go.

Whenever I dabble and think about tomorrow the opportunity closes, the price more than double, what was once a good deal is no longer possible.

We do this in business as well as relationships where we hem and haw until the decision is made for us.  Just like trying to decide what to eat for dinner, you will miss out on what you want if you procrastinate.  So the next time you need to make a choice, make it then and there, else you will be stuck in regret like me.

Fear overcame all sensibility and reason, rather than punching it in the face I gave into it and submitted.  I chose to wait another day and dip my toe in the pool, when taking the plunge is what I should have done. Now instead of reaping in the rewards of advancing my dream I am back to the drawing board with a barrel full of wishes.

If the opportunity arises and you think, oh that looks great I will do it tomorrow, tomorrow is one day too late.

Take it from me, the one back at the drawing board of their dream, if you see something worthwhile that is a limited opportunity… carpe diem ! Seize the day and moment for what it is worth.  Whether it is a business venture, a dream or even love at first sight.  If we don’t grab these moments when they arise we will end our day in envy as someone else enjoys the prize.

Sure there are always ‘other opportunities’, but other does not always mean better.  One would think that I would have learned the last time around when I procrastinated and diddled away the chance.  Guess I am living proof that lightning can strike twice in just a moments glance.  Listen to your gut and jump in with both feet, we only live once no sense in it being dwelling in defeat.

This time around my dream did not fail, yes I did procrastinate, but right before this was published I was saved by an email.  My frustration caused me to plead my case. This time my dream was saved by their generosity and a whole lot of grace.

So chase after your dreams, don’t procrastinate. Your dreams will not wait for tomorrow or when you are ready to chase them down.

Your turn: What dream opportunity have you missed out on because you decided to procrastinate?

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Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

12 Replies

  1. I am typically not a procrastinator. I see a need and do something about it. But there are downfalls. Before we remodeled I remove the wallpaper on the wall to save money. Then the builder arrived and removed the wall!

    1. That’s hilarious, I had a similar experience with a contractor where I was ambitious and did alot of ‘prep’ work for them to come in and destroy all my hard work in minutes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. amybovai

    I, too, frequently procrastinate. I did that with my book for four years. But then, I realized I just had to write it, started in January and finished it this past July. It goes out in September. Thanks for this reminder, John! I was just reading about missing out on our opportunities God gives us to minister to others and being sensitive to His direction. =)

    1. Writers and bloggers I think sometimes get in our own way and many times the voice inside does not get a chance to shine. I look forward to hearing about your book release, congrats!

  3. Your POST reminded me of a story my brother once told me after returning from Vietnam: If you find yourself in a Foxhole, with mortars coming in from the enemy along with machine gun fire, & you radio Comand your position for support, and the reply is…”Could you hold on, we need to think about it for a while. We’re pretty busy anyway!” Oops, too late, we’re dead! We seem to always have time to do the things we want to, but never have the time to do the things we don’t want to. Welcome to our blogging group!

    1. That is an interesting way of looking at it but gives one a different level of initiative. Thanks for stopping by and welcoming me to the group looking forward to reading all the great content.

  4. Big issue for me. A serial procrastinating perfectionist. Intentionality is a struggle sometimes. Great post! You are an awesome blogger BTW!

    1. I agree I put things off to perfect them and in turn my list gets longer of the things I intend to do. You are too kind, but thanks it takes awesome bloggers to notice others.

  5. I absolutely loved your statement: “If it can be put off until tomorrow, I am pretty sure it can wait until next week.” I think I must follow this, at least at times. Only I’d extend it sometimes to “next month…next year…”

    It’s hard to keep on the ball and not let opportunities pass us by. My goal is to let God guide my choices of what to do, not do,work on, etc., but admittedly He often has a hard time breaking through to me.

    Love it that your blog is geared toward men. Glad you’re in our FB group “Blogging For God!”

  6. Letting God guide is a new challenge for me but one I am focusing on as it is very difficult to always hold on to the steering wheel. Thanks for the opportunity look forward to sharing with you all.