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Qualities of a Servant Leader

We all hear the term “servant leader” being tossed around in both the business world as well as within our local communities.  What exactly is a servant leader ? How do we become one or better yet, why should we want to be one?

climbing, Servant Leader

Leading by serving is a practice that dates back many years before the new lingo came along.  I am sure you can think of a couple of people in history as well as your own lives that lived to serve others.  By serving others they intentionally or not share their influence in their business, community or family effortlessly and without expectation.

Let’ take a look at some of the component that I believe to make-up a servant leader

LEAD – Goes without saying that a leader must live and lead by example. Respecting others and working just as hard if not harder than those that you lead.

INSPIRATION – It does not matter if they work for you, or you for them or maybe they are your peer; everyone deserves to be treated with the same level of respect and courtesy. Give the people around you honest and true respect and generously love them for the blessing they are and they will naturally follow your lead.

TEACHING – Share your knowledge and experiences in a benevolent manner that will be remembered. Everyone knows that the student one day will become the teacher so share and share alike.

EMPATHY– As leaders it is easy to dismiss or disregard the feelings and heart of those we lead. Take the extra time to accept people with all their scars and flaws by treating them with true compassion.

MENTORING– By being a source of counsel for those in which you lead you open communication. Leaders do not lead from behind closed doors bosses do. Share in their goals and dreams, help guide them and provide a roadmap for their success. Sometimes this will mean putting their interest before your own… so be it.

SERVICE– We are all on this Earth for a limited amount of time and with a purpose. Would it not be better utilized by serving and helping others rather than being focused on only ourselves? Set the example for your team, your family and friends give of yourself unselfishly and you will be amazed at the numbers that will begin following.

As always I welcome your thoughts and comments. I leave you with this .. What do you think are qualities of a servant leader ?

Servant Leader

Look forward to reading your answers below..


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Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.