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What Room Does Fear Have

Fear exists within all of us, some in the darkness others in the light. It is not the life that was intended but yet we are paralyzed by the fear of ‘what if’ rather than ‘what is.’

If we possess any of these things there is no room for fear

  • Trust in Others
  • Hope for More
  • Walk in Faith
  • Hold onto Inspiration
  • Embrace Weakness
  • Run with Endurance
  • Stand in Awe
  • Find Perfection

Step out of the Darkness into the Light.  Others may talk and have opinions, but they do not matter.  If we live in Fear of others that have no respect for themselves then we are powerless.

‘Limits like fears are often just an illusion.’ – Michael Jordan

Some of us it is the Light rather than Darkness that we are afraid of.  This comes in the form of Power, Ego and can be just as paralyzing.

If we are in the Dark we must fight our way back into the Light.  Fear  is mentioned hundreds of times in the Good Book I am pretty sure God was probably onto something.  If we focus on  the negativity and live with an anxious mind and spirit we will not be able to experience the peace that is intended for us.

erase_fear, fear, Room Does Fear Have

We need to erase and leave no room left for Fear, soDo not be afraid“.

Easier said than done for most of us, as men in the world we live in we are faced with many challenges.  We pretend to be the Knight, Warrior or Superhero that the women in our lives believe we are.  Behind closed doors, in the secrecy of our morning routine, the drive into work, the run around the neighborhood, whenever we have our moments of solitude our weakness and fear shines through.

As Christian men we hold ourselves at even a higher level and pretend that fear does not exist as we are covered by the armor of God.  All armor has its kinks and weak points, it is okay to be afraid and be fearful, you were fearfully and wonderfully made and with the grace of God and the fellowship of other Christian men, you will remain steadfast in the face of fear.

When men of the same beliefs get together and rely upon each other, they become stronger as they sharpen each others spirit in becoming fearless.

If you find yourself living in fear, always anxious or living a life of guilt and trepidation, there is a solution.

There are a couple of steps that will take all the fear away and you will find peace that will shine through.  Find a couple of men that will hold you accountable and provide a source of motivation spiritual guidance.  The next step is simple, yet possibly the most difficult .. read the Word about Fear and pray.

As men, that are the leaders of your community we have the responsibility to be providers.  With this responsibility we are tasked with protecting those around us and in turn we will have to face our Fear.  We have the advantage of turning our emotions into leadership success.

Take the example of Moses for example, he is a prime example of a man terrified and full of fear, yet one of the most successful leaders.  Moses was tenacious in his seeking the release of the Israelites.  He was tolerant and patient in his faith through his own struggles to lead his people to the Promise Land.  He was loyal to his people, even when he had doubts and fear.  He was submissive, he gave in to God’s will as well as that of his people when it was against his own needs and desires.

In reviewing  the leadership and fearlessness of  Moses, we can see there are positives and negatives.  Most likely the same can be said of our lives and the way we lead with and without fear.  We learn from his life and his faith and can use that as example in our battle against Fear.

Question: How can you help other men in your community with the battle against Fear?




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