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5 Things Every Graduate Needs

Another school year is coming to a close. Many students are graduating from college this month. Many will be running out into the streets with eyes wide open full of ambition.

These graduates both young and old share a common thread. Great aspirations for their future. Met with fear and anxiety. The stark realization of the next steps dilemma has begun.

All the recruiters, advisers, family and friends will share what your next steps should be. As someone that just went through graduation, albeit a little unconventionally, I have some tips to share.

You have your whole life ahead of you. Jumping in head first is not always a great idea (and you likely will get a headache).
Once all the fanfare pomp and circumstance dies down here are a few things you will need.

1. Community
Pretty sure you did not get this far in your education by yourself. Whether it be family, friends or even a online community. People and relationships matter. They were the source of encouragement during your struggle through school. These same people will likely be how you find a job afterwards. Saving names and remembering places (people work at) will take you far. It is a lot easier to skip the pile of resumes on someone’s desk.
2. Time
Time is a valuable asset when used wisely. We all have 24 hours in a day that we are given, how we use it makes all the difference. If you are a morning person, get up early. Chase that elusive

Road back to the Abbey

The Road to the Abbey is full of great memories. It’s amazing how life takes some twists and turns taking you back to where you used to be. This past weekend I took a trip to Fort Mills, South Carolina with my wife. She was going to attend a women’s conference.  I was taking time for a much-needed  break away. Having some time to reflect and finish my college degree that I wrap up next week. During my visit I decided to make a short road trip to my Alma Mater, Belmont Abbey which I attended back in 1990- 1992 in Belmont North Carolina. While visiting I began to realize that even though we’re on separate paths and never really know where our destination is, life still comes full circle. As I walked around the campus and write this,  I am amazed at the transformation. Over the past 25 years, new buildings went up around campus. What used to be just an empty field now had soccer bleachers and a baseball diamond. While I was there on this journey I had time to do some self-reflection. Beginning to realize that the last 25 years that I thought were wasted we’re actually just part of a bigger journey. I would not be the person that I am today if I hadn’t made mistakes and decisions over the last few decades. As I wrap up my last semester in college this week and get ready for my graduation 25 years later. I can look back with pride in that although I may not have taken the path others […]

High School Reunion

Another High School Reunion is upon me and this time well… A couple of months ago I got an invite to my high school reunion. First there was the Facebook announcement of the tentative dates. Then came the official dates and then  the agenda… First of all… out of all the people who I hang out with from high school…oh that’s right beyond the occasional awkward bumping into someone we don’t stay in touch. We were probably not greatest of  friends then so probably would not be now either. Don’t get me wrong I have fond memories of high school. Being on the swim team, wrestling team. Some not so fond, involving tunnels, wrecking cars, fights and more but I digress. Either way we all went our separate ways on  graduation day. Many of us moved away or just grew apart. Many went straight to college,  got their degrees and work at their dream job. Okay maybe only some of you, the rest are still playing the games. But that is really not much different from how it was in high school. We all wore masks and pretended to be friends. The last reunion was a short five years ago. Not much has changed that has not already been shared on Facebook. It would be just as an  uncomfortable experience now as it was then. The same cliques would hang out together. Certain people will be the life of the party. Others will quietly sneak out early. Nothing has really changed besides marriages, divorces, wrinkles and kids. I won’t  be […]