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Ethan Hallmark – An Involuntary Hero

I am Second – Ethan Hallmark’s story As a Christian there are times when even we struggle for answers. It is through those times that we seek. I am Second was formed just for that purpose to provide answers and hope through real life stories. This is a recap of one such story of a small boy named Ethan Hallmark who has become an involuntary hero. A man can be destroyed but not defeated. Click To Tweet Just like any other family, four kids and yet Ethan makes it different. Rather than being a normal kid that hates school. He looks forward to it because he doesn’t get to go that often. He has become an inspiration to those around him. Ethan has symptomatic cancer, the cancer has spread throughout his body. He has tumors throughout his bones and organs that finger out throughout. He has had about 100 days of radiation to combat the cancer. At age 13 he celebrates his moms birthday as he gets radiation. He faces his life with a unrelinquished lack of fear. He has become closer to God along his journey. He became the one that prayed and he has led his friends to Christ. His friends see Ethan as a symbol that God is not dead. The pain started in his stomach, they ordered a CT scan. Ethan’s doctor was visibly shaken when he had to deliver the news to Ethan’s mom. Ethan was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and because of his aged the odds are not in his […]

Becoming a Leader by Living Second

Becoming a Leader by Living Second takes the faithful following and serving of others first… Many of us think that in order to be a leader we must also carry a title.  Titles in fact mean very little in the business world as they no longer garnish you with guaranteed respect or esteem they once may have. We all know someone in our life that carries a title of manager or lead yet could not find their way out of a wet paper sack. Leadership requires others to become followers, not followers in the sense that they worship the ground you walk on per se hang on every word you might speak.  Followers as in those that look to you for guidance, as a decision maker and one that will steer them straight. Many times a leader is the quiet one that sits in the back of the room.  They may even be the sarcastic one that comes across a bit callous or rude.  These are the people who know exactly where they are going, they reek of confidence and whether they like it or not (usually not at least at first) they make others want to follow wherever they might be going. The silence exudes authority and intelligence and the sarcasm a quick wit and raw honesty.  We all know who these leaders are, sometimes long before they ever do. Although they may shirk titles and wish to remain anonymous, their morals, values and character generally shine through. When you are at peace with your […]

Faith at Work in Progress

  Is it a challenge to be a Christian in the workplace? Many people hide their faith and beliefs at work as they are terrified of being ostracized, picked on or possibly even fired.  Why should we be ashamed of the one thing that gets many of us through the day? Now I am not saying that we need to be Bible beating witnesses that preach to our co-workers and have a crucifix on our desk.  We all need to be sensitive to the religion and beliefs of others that may differ than ours.  I am sure it would probably bother you if someone adorned their desk with fish, peace signs and Stars of David as well. However, our actions can be a reflection of our faith even if our cross is hidden beneath the collar of our shirt. Personally, I have found if you treat others with humble generosity, and are polite and polite, faith will shine through.  Whether it is through simple gestures that many associate with being chivalrous such as opening doors for others, waiting for others to enter or exit a room or elevator.  Maybe you quietly bow your head and bless your food before you eat in the cafeteria, a potluck even when you eat alone at your desk. You know what you believe and you can be the mirror that shines and brightens someone else’s day without saying a word.  Do you say ‘Bless you’ if a co-worker sneezes?  What if they are an atheist do you still bless them?  Of […]