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How to Separate the Disciple From the Christian

Much discussion has occurred lately on the flaws of Christians and how many of us behave towards others.

How to Separate the Disciples From the ChristiansPeople fly under the label of being ‘Christian’ as if it is an excuse to behave poorly. They have become judge and jury for those that step out of alignment with their beliefs. Holding themselves to a set of laws that were written thousands of years ago and adapted them to meet their needs and to be able to admonish others while condoning their own behavior.

I recently listened to the first two parts of an ongoing podcast series by Andy Stanley. The podcast titled ‘Christian:Brand Recognition’ tugged at my own heart. Over the past several months I have had an internal debate that at times has been vocalized. Feeling frustrated with my Christian brethren that claim to be disciples yet did not behave ‘Christian.’

A bit disenfranchised with the behavior of Christians as of late, I began to wonder. How can people who call themselves Christians be so hateful? We have become judgmental, homophobic and sometimes even worse. Standing high on our pillars we cast a disparaging eye on those that don’t meet our expectations.

I frequently am reminded of the quote attributed to Ghandi many years ago “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” These are powerful words spoken about a people who claim to be followers of Christ.

Is this really what being a Christian is supposed to be about? Maybe I am not so much a Christian as I hoped to be?

Blessings are when Community Gathers

What does live music, hot dogs, blistering sun and church families coming together all have in common? Community.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to hang out with some new brothers and sisters. We met some great people with fantastic hearts of service at FaithBridge Church on the other side of town. We witnessed the passion and true servants that the church had to offer. Not only that church but their neighboring church had recently come together to serve the community as one body.
FaithBridge opened up the doors of the church and welcomed the community to join them in a free block party. The block party consisted of jump houses for the kids, hot dogs and side dishes galore along with a array of tasty treats. Following dinner the FaithBridge worship band opened up the night for a free concert starring Shawn McDonald.

One of the missions that is near and dear to FaithBridge Church is the country of Haiti. Haiti is a country that many know has been ravaged by poverty, natural disasters and crime. Many people know their plight yet stand by and don’t take action. FaithBridge member Rick Reed and his wife along with many others from the FaithBridge community could not just stand by. After spending time in Haiti on mission trips they decided they would be the hands and feet of Christ in the form of The

The is an organization that won’t let the children of Haiti go unnoticed. The founders Rick and Samantha Reed

High School Reunion

Another High School Reunion is upon me and this time well… A couple of months ago I got an invite to my high school reunion. First there was the Facebook announcement of the tentative dates. Then came the official dates and then  the agenda… First of all… out of all the people who I hang out with from high school…oh that’s right beyond the occasional awkward bumping into someone we don’t stay in touch. We were probably not greatest of  friends then so probably would not be now either. Don’t get me wrong I have fond memories of high school. Being on the swim team, wrestling team. Some not so fond, involving tunnels, wrecking cars, fights and more but I digress. Either way we all went our separate ways on  graduation day. Many of us moved away or just grew apart. Many went straight to college,  got their degrees and work at their dream job. Okay maybe only some of you, the rest are still playing the games. But that is really not much different from how it was in high school. We all wore masks and pretended to be friends. The last reunion was a short five years ago. Not much has changed that has not already been shared on Facebook. It would be just as an  uncomfortable experience now as it was then. The same cliques would hang out together. Certain people will be the life of the party. Others will quietly sneak out early. Nothing has really changed besides marriages, divorces, wrinkles and kids. I won’t  be […]